Sales development
Net sales in the Addtech Group increased in the third quarter by 1 percent to SEK 2,881 million (2,846). The organic effect amounted to -4 percent, acquired growth amounted to 8 percent. Exchange rate changes had a negative effect of 3 percent on net sales, corresponding to SEK 91 million.

Net sales in the Addtech Group decreased during the period by 3 percent to SEK 8,409 million (8,697). The organic effect amounted to -7 percent, acquired growth amounted to 6 percent. Exchange rate changes had a negative effect of 2 percent on net sales, corresponding to SEK 217 million.

Profit development
Operating profit increased during the quarter by 27 percent to SEK 238 million (188) and the operating margin amounted to 8.3 percent (6.6). Net financial items amounted to SEK -12 million (-9) and profit after financial items increased by 26 percent to SEK 226 million (179).

Profit after tax increased by 22 percent to SEK 174 million (142) corresponding to earnings per share before dilution of SEK 0.65 (0.55). 

EBITA for the period amounted to SEK 916 million (957), representing a decrease of 4 percent. Operating profit decreased during the period by 11 percent to SEK 723 million (809) and the operating margin amounted to 8.6 percent (9.3). Net financial items were SEK -37 million (-37) and profit after financial items decreased by 11 percent to SEK 686 million (772). 

Profit after tax for the period decreased by 12 percent to SEK 539 million (608) and the effective tax rate amounted to 21 percent (21).  Earnings per share before dilution for the period amounted to SEK 1.95 (2.25). For the latest twelve month period, earnings per share before dilution amounted to SEK 2.90 (2.90).


Net sales and EBITA margin, rolling 12 months

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